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Post by BombThem on Sat May 07, 2016 9:13 am

Please follow the rules as listed below.

General Spam: No one likes a spammer. No one likes a spammer. Dont do things like advertise, or say "Just here to reply". These are just a few. A post reported for spam will be looked at and you'll receive a warning for spam. If its a false report, then you have nothing to worry about.

Multi-accounting: If you have been banned for a reason, don't go making another account to bypass the ban. Just wait until your ban is over. If you're caught multi accounting, the one with the most fame/posts/stars will be terminated.

Necroposting: Not so much a rule but its not recommended. Please don't post on a thread that hasn't had a post on it within the last month. It will just get deleted. Do it too much and you'll be warned. It's annoying.

Shitposting: Posts that have no meaning or don't make sense (example: 0h w0w ir2b mlg lol) is a shitpost. Any post reported for shitposting will be examined and removed. If its a false report, then it wont be touched.

Disrespectful: Insulting a user of the forum is shamed on. This is a place to relax, not get insulted. If you're getting insulted, report the post and contact either me, Kanade, or any staff member. The user will be dealt with.

Suspected malware: If you download any program that turns out to be a trojan/RAT/etc or you think/looks like any malware, remove the virus ASAP, then report the user and contact any staff member so we can deal with the user.

Filter evasion: We have limits for a reason, to prevent shitposting. Bypassing these limits or filters will result in a warning.

Wrong section: Yes, accidents happen. For the most part, I will not warn for this, ill just move it to the correct section. Do it to often and you'll be warned to not do it again. If your unsure, make your best guess, and contact a staff member for it to be viewed.

Double posting: Posting "Hello users!" Then posting "how are you?" Is double posting. Please Wait for someone to post after you. If you are replying to multiple posts, there is an exception.

Pornography: This is degrading and I do not accept this. If I catch you posting pornography on these forums, I will personally ban you without giving a warning.

One worded posts: I usually dont warn for this as I will just remove it. But that's not to say the other staff members wont. Please put some meaning into your posts.

Here is some extra information; when and if we have staff openings available. You cannot apply if you have:
1. Currently banned
2. Any warnings on record
3. Been banned in the past.
Rule breakers dont deserve the opportunity to become a moderator. Warnings will not last forever on record but bans will stay permanently on record. If you have questions about the rules, feel free to PM me or any staff member.

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